The Kielder Brag website offers lots of engagement opportunities for schools and groups. The Resources section includes: an outline of the project and a suggested first introduction for pupils; tables for each Line of Enquiry linking subject areas with the Kielder Brag project; and a range of curriculum-linked teaching and learning activities across a range of subject areas. 

Curriculum Activities

The suggested activities link the story with Kielder Water & Forest Park to offer a mix of: approaches to linking directly with the story; cross-curricula activities; and suggestions for engagement with the wider Kielder Forest environment.


Line of Enquiry- Who would live in a habitat like this?

The Kielder Brag offers several opportunities for pupils to explore the Who would live in a habitat like this? line of enquiry using the story through art, science and storytelling.


Kielder Brag Teacher Toolkit

This Toolkit has been designed to help teachers to engage KS2 pupils with The Kielder Brag transmedia fairy tale through the website and a range of curriculum-linked resources and activities.