Welcome, Brag Hunters! Thanks for coming to my site. My name is Simon Davison and I’m an outdoor adventurer and Brag Hunter.

The Kielder Brag is an ancient creature that lives in the forest at Kielder in the north east of England. It’s over eight feet tall, human-like, but definitely not a human! It’s covered in hair, has huge horns on top of its head and hides in the dense trees around the reservoir.

Sounds like a myth, doesn’t it? But it’s real – I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and I’m not alone. I’ve been coming here for years, Brag hunting, and I’ve seen and heard things you wouldn’t believe. The people of Kielder know all about the Brag as well, and there are stories told about it down the centuries. But the Kielder Brag likes to trick people, and it likes to hide, so join me as I try to hunt it down, Man vs Brag!

Dense forest habitat that the Brag loves

The Legend of the Kielder Brag

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Here is a fragment of a really old story that I found
in a second-hand bookshop. It was in really bad condition and
the author's name is missing but it did include a couple of illustrations.
I think this could be the earliest written account of the Kielder Brag.

Wow! Hard evidence doesn’t get much better than finding this Brag footprint! Here are some pictures taken during my Brag hunting adventures


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